O v e r v i e w



 This site is a recapitulation of my work thus far. The paintings shown here are representative of their respective periods and have, in most cases, been sold.

In my first few years of production, I was fascinated by the power of composition and the relationship of a colour field and its boundaries. I worked with a bold palette and paid particular attention to gradations (see On Canvas 1).

The first Series on Paper concluded that period with a group of small paintings. I was taken by the texture of the heavy paper, and used it to anchor these metaphysical statements in physical reality (see On Paper 1).

In 2005, the works on canvas became centred on single fields in which a visual event takes place. Several translucid glazes are applied atop a layer of meticulous texture landscaped around a 'Slant' (see On Canvas 2).

The second Series on paper explores further the partitioning effect of the slant. It also diversifies into a rhythmic repetition of stripes with multiple relationships of mass and colour (see On Paper 2).

The series of lithographs is the fruit of a collaboration with Master Printer Simon King of the Australian Print Workshop in Melbourne (Australia). They repeat and further in a new medium the research on stripes (see Lithographies).

Continuing the exploration of what happens between juxtaposed stripes, the next series of works on canvas was shown in April 2008 at the South Coast Gallery in Wellington (NZ) . A number of them appear here under the series name : Between One and Many.  Written thoughts about the series can be found in the page of Artist Statements.

The next series was also shown at the South Coast Gallery, in August 2009. It is called As a Mountain Tarn and some of them are shown here at that page.  I added to that page a number of other works in the same vein produced the following year (2010) for a show in Auckland, for which the relevent statement is Meaning ... Meaning.

Meanwhile, I have been working on a third series of oils on paper which shifts the emphasis from vertical to horizontal. Some of them are here, (see On Paper 3 ).